Why Did We Create EBIZPLATFORM?

            We've been building web sites for both manufacturers and their partners for years and we realized the biggest problem they always had was forcing and finding good product data and we figured rather than focus on the shopping cart we would focus on the product data and that would get more sales.

            What we found is initially maybe a customer would have a spread sheet of all their product information but as soon as a new product came out it would come out via an email or you know a separate spread sheet or a different spread sheet and so each time we were getting new product information it was coming in a different format which required more time on our end to figure out what it was, where it went, how to get it up on the web site quickly

            The biggest thing we found too was that most of the solutions out there today are meant for products we call under the hood—parts-- When you sell accessories there’s a lot of other data that’s needed to correctly configure the product, whether it be a latch cutout, or a sensor on the dashboard…these were data points that weren’t handled before which we now handle.

            This platform will allow all manufacturers of these custom fitted accessories to get their data up to speed and up to snuff right away, get their products to manufacturers quicker and it will become the standard for everybody um allowing customers to find what they need quickly and easily and be confident in their purchase.
            Updated: 08 Sep 2018 04:27 AM
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