What is a "Fitment Gap" and How Do We Solve It?

            If you deal with custom fit accessories data, you already know finding the right fit has probably given you fits. Now there’s EBIZPLATFORM to change all that for you forever.

            Some of the big players in the market handle parts very well. Where EBIZPLATFORM comes in is the custom fit accessories. When we first began to develop our program, we were surprised actually when we found out that there was no solution really out there for custom fit accessories that have data points that are beyond the under the hood type data points.

            Manufacturers were so frustrated they didn’t want to deal with it. The data mess was just basically being thrown over the fence and then you have non-technical people basically taking time away from their real job trying to figure out this data. Doesn’t need to be that way.

            We targeted what was missing and realized if we can get it in a single format so it’s repeatable, we can get that information out there to all these resellers and get those products up quickly and start making sales from the manufacturers side.

            Our goal was to make it a seamless transaction, in real time, and the reseller should focus on selling more products not trying to decipher a spreadsheet. We solved that problem.
            Updated: 20 Sep 2018 02:38 AM
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