We Take Managing Product and Fitment Data Off Your Plate

            We know you’ve struggled finding custom accessories data presented in a way that’s anywhere close to a perfect fit. In fact…it’s a hodge podge of accessories data jumble that most people would call a nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be that way. EBIZPLATFORM now will take all that off your plate for good.

            We were getting product data from some of these manufacturers that we were implementing on the front end of the manufacturer’s and dealer’s web sites as we were building them, and it would come in different formats. Some would come in email, some would via spreadsheets or a different spreadsheet. Nothing was consistent or uniform. It wasn’t really understandable either.

            We jumped into this because we felt the pain of having to deal with all the product data, trying to build web sites for dealers in particular that had to convert data and it would take weeks and months to get into their site…we figured there had to be a better way.

             One of the things that EBIZPLATFORM offers is to take manufacturers data and get it in the system.  We’ll do the work for them so they’re not burdened with additional spreadsheets and getting them into a particular format they can understand and use.

             That made a huge difference. We noticed that once EBIZPLATFORM solved the product data problem and provided product data in formats that were friendly to the manufacturers and consumers to purchase, orders went out and generally the hassle and the time it took to get products to market was reduced dramatically.

             From the feedback we’ve heard and seen, customers are really excited about not having to deal with the data issues anymore. This revolutionary improvement frees them to take that completely off their plate and work on their business—manufacturing and selling their products.

            Our early adopters have seen obvious results, major increases in sales, and more importantly they’re getting their data. They’re not having to deal with data all day.

             If you want to get that custom fit accessories data off your back, you can contact us. We know it’s a solution you’ll love.

            Updated: 19 Sep 2018 06:43 AM
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