Product Content Syndication


            Product Content Syndication (aka, "Brand Showcase") enables manufacturers and brand owners to syndicate entire product catalogs to dealers, distributors and resellers (partners) with simple HTML tags.  As a result, partners always have the most current product content, data, documentation and images so they can confidently and accurately represent a brand.   In addition, consumers are able to find official documentation such as installation instructions and user manuals from partners sourced directly from the manufacturer.

            Partners can implement a brand showcase on their public facing website or on internal web properties for reference and item number look up.


            Once active, all content is syndicated to the partner in real time with all manufacturer updates occurring in real time.   Navigation and branding of the partner/host web site is preserved throughout - the user experience is seamless to the visitor.

            Example of Brand Showcase

            Partners can be up and running in minutes with a simple set of tags that can be cut and pasted onto any web page. 

            Example of simple tags needed to syndicate entire catalogs

            Navigating down to a product allows visitors to use configurators, view product specifications, retrieve documentation and see images provided by the manufacturer.

            1. Use configurators to find items that fit exact applications and uses.
            2. Download official documentation from the manufacturer source.
            3. Lookup part numbers, descriptions and pricing available in real-time
            4. Browse images provided by the manufacturer that conform to approvals and branding standards.

            All product content syndication and brand showcase subscriptions are built using responsive templates so they fit any resolution and every device out of the gate.

            Updated: 08 Aug 2018 04:05 AM
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