Import & Export - Applications

            Quickly import or export application data.


            To export application data, click the "Export Data or Create a Template" link.

            Choose what type of export you would like (Template Only will export column headers so that you can add new application data and import back into the system).  Choose how to group the data - makes and models only, makes and models with individual rows for each year, or makes and models with a year range.   You may also filter data to export only certain makes or years.

            See a preview of your export, choose whether to get all data, only data that has been modified during a selected time period, or only get new data since the last time the export was run.  
            You may save a template that can be used to expedite the export process for future exports.

            Upon clicking "Next/Export" data will be exported to CSV which may be viewed and saved to your desktop.


            To import application data, click to select or drag your file into the window and click the "Next" button.

            Choose the action you wish to perform and then map the fields from your spreadsheet to the system and click Next.
            CREATE - will create new applications in file if they do not already exist.
            DELETE - will delete applications from file.

            See a preview of the action you are about to perform, click the Confirm checkbox and choose whether or not you'd like to receive an emailed summary when the import has completed and click Next.

            Upon clicking "Next" you may continue working in other areas of the system as the Import will continue to run behind the scenes.  If you chose to have a summary emailed to you - the email will be sent upon completion.  If you are still working in the system, you will be alerted when the import has completed.

            Updated: 23 Aug 2018 07:11 AM
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