How to Implement the Product Line Configurator

            Login to EBIZPLATFORM (https://app.ebizplatform.com/) with credentials provided by manufacturer.

            Select your subscription:

            Click the "Products" tile to view available product lines, manage and export pricing and to retrieve codes that can be used to implement the product line configurator.

            1. Use the "Pricing Load Sheet" button to select one or more product lines to retrieve pricing load files including control numbers which can be imported into your system. Using control groups and control numbers allows you as the reseller to only manage a few item numbers grouped by prices instead of the thousands typically included in a product line.

            2. Use the Gear icon to add control numbers specific to your company and update your pricing allowing you to seamlessly integrate with an existing system.  When you add custom control numbers the product line configurator will override the defaults in the manufacturer data to use your numbers instead of the defaults.  You can also change the price charged, however you cannot sell a product for less than the recommended or "MAP" price.

            3. Use the Wrench icon to adjust configurator settings and retrieve code that can then be pasted to your site to pull in the product line configurator.

            A. Select Quantities - will allow customer to choose quantity to order.  If unchecked, the user will just check a box to order the items with a quantity of 1.
            B. Slim Mode - checking "Slim Mode" will only bring in the configuration and year-make-model selector.  Full mode will bring in all manufacturer content including images, documents, and videos as pictured below.  If you already have good content on your product pages, it is recommended to use slim mode else use the full mode to have the manufacturer provided content drive everything.
            Full Mode:

            Full mode bring in all selectors and manufacturer provided content

            Slim Mode:

            Slim mode only brings in applications and questions

            C. Capture Leads - enable customers to request more information about the product.

            Under the Cart tile, enter a custom post back URL for your cart.  When a user hits the "add to cart" button in the configurator, the request will be sent to the URL specified along with any additional custom attributes added.

            Upon adding an item to the cart - a JSON payload containing the following will be sent to the Post Back URL specified

            The value passed to the configurator to start, if any
            The id used by the API to track the item (can usually be ignored)
            Item number of item ordered
            Control number of item ordered
            Description of item ordered
            Quantity ordered
            Color of item if defined in the item data
            Type of item if defined in the item data
            Size of item if defined in the item data
            Style of item if defined in the item data
            Material of item if defined in the item data
            Item image URL on the content delivery network
            A nested collection of the attributes from the selected item. (Ex. "Seat Style" : "Bucket")
            A nested collection of the modifiers selected. (Ex. "Fabric Color" : "Black)
            Any additional fitment data
            Application code or industry code
            Make of selected application
            Model of selected application
            Year of selected application (if applicable)
            Sub model of selected application (if applicable)
            Any custom data points defined in screen above specific to your partner/reseller account.

            When the shopper selects a product and clicks "Add to Cart" the payload above is submitted to cart for acceptance.    If a "200-OK" response is received from the post back URL - the product line configurator will then look for an optional JavaScript function on the page where the product line configurator has been implemented.  If the function does exist it will fire upon success, if the function does not exist - it will not be called. 

            In this function you can tell your site what to do next (show a popup, redirect to the cart, etc).

            function ebizplatformPostCart(itemNumber,qty,price,description,make,model,year,image)
            window.location = 'cart.html';

            Assuming all goes well, the shopper will check out on your site as they normally would.

            Updated: 07 Nov 2018 01:56 AM
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