Data Export Automation


            The ability to get data to dealers, resellers and partners quickly can dramatically increase sales.  EBIZPLATFORM automates this process in a number of different ways including the ability for partners to create data templates with just what they need and then schedule the delivery of the data either via a secure download or have it pushed to their FTP location.

            Creating the Product Data Template

            Data export automations can be created via either the Interaction Manager (CRM and subscription management for brand owners and manufacturers) or via the Partner Portal.  Data is automated by first creating a data template from the data source that the resellers is subscribed to.

            From the partner portal:

            1. Navigate to your subscription
            2. Select the type of data needed for the template

            Create a Data Export - Partner Subscription
            After the subscriber selects the type of data they need, they can select product lines and data points through the data export wizard.

            All product data in EBIZPLATFORM is organized by product line making sorting and search easy.

            In this case, the subscriber has selected our sample product of "Headlight Ornaments".  Optionally, they could select multiple product lines if they are reselling multiple lines and get all the data in a single export.

            Next, they are prompted for which data points they would like to have exported and automated.  

            EBIZPLATFORM enables partners to select only the data points that they need.   They can also edit their data templates later if their needs change.

            Select the data needed to sell the product

            Before initiating the export, the subscriber may select what type of export they want - they have several options:
            1. The can export all data for the selected product lines, only data the changed or was created in a given time frame, or just the data that has been created or modified since they last ran the export.
            2. They can save and name the export to expedite retrieval later.  The template is also used to automate the export (below).
            3. They can save the template and use it later, or save the template and run it now.
            Use "Net Changes Only" templates to only get new data without having to download and work through an entire data set.
            Create the data template
            After saving the template, the subscriber can run the data export whenever they wish by visiting the portal and pushing the run button.  Or, they can set up an automation to have the process run automatically for them.  The templates will show up in the "Templates and Exports" tile in their Data Export subscription.

            List of all templates under the subscription
            The new template is now available to use or automation

            Creating a Data Export Automation

            In order to insure that all subscribers have the data they need to effectively sell products, subscribers can set up automations and receive new and/or updated data on their own schedules.  Click on the clock icon to launch the automation wizard.

            1. Set up an automation to automatically push the data from the template to any FTP site.
            2. Set up the automation to send a link to the new data file via email.

            Select either email or FTP for automation

            Subscribers can set the frequency of when they want data and how they want it.

            Every night, the data automation engine runs and subscribers are alerted of new data, if there is any, based on their schedule and selected delivery method.

            Email Download Notifications and Download Site

            If the subscriber has selected the email delivery option, they receive an email with directions on how to go get the data.  

            When they click on  the button in their email, they are automatically sent to a secure download area to get the data.

            Visit the data download site to get customized data

            Get New Product Data via FTP Automation

            Subscribers who select the FTP option will receive the data in their FTP site as scheduled.  Additionally, an email is sent to remind them that new data is available.

            Contents of FTP directory specified by the subscriber:
            Contents of FTP Directory

            Logging and Audit Trail

            Each export from the platform will be logged to preserve a history of usage and consumption by partners.

            In addition, secure download links are kept alive for 30 days before expiring in case subscribers need to catch up on multiple exports.

            All downloads are logged

            Watch a Video

            See how easy it is to make a data download template.

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